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RIN Enzyme

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RIN Enzyme

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Quick Overview

Enzymes are essential for your digestive and metabolic system. In general, your body contains more than 3000 crucial enzymes to keep you healthy. But with pollution and other factors such as ageing, stress, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, your body is constantly losing enzymes, making you prone to an array of afflictions such as indigestion, dizziness, fatigue, lethargy, a loss of appetite, bone & joint aches, weak resistance, bad breathe, anxiety, constipation, insomnia, and so on.

RIN Enzyme is a premium phyto-enzyme drink from Japan, fortified with more than 36 kinds of vegetables, fruits, grains, algae and greens. It is the perfect enzyme supplement for today’s hazardous environment and hectic lifestyle.

20ml of Rin Enzyme a day can help to enhance digestion and nutrient absorption, promote metabolism, increase body immunity, reduce blood acidity, normalize hormones, improve skin complexion, assist weight loss and promote general well-being.

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RM 210.10
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Product Description

Enzymes are fundamental to all life. They are in every living thing - us, plants and animals. The late Dr. Edward Howell, a physician and a pioneer in enzyme research, called enzyme the “Sparks of Life”. Without enzyme, no activity at all would take place in our body. Neither vitamin, mineral, nor hormones could do any work – without enzyme.

Getting To Know Enzyme
The word “enzyme” came from the Greek word “ZYME”, which means yeast. Essentially, it is literally means “a substance within the yeast”, referring to the discovery of enzyme during the process of fermentation. There was evidence as early as the Babylonian times that man have been known to take liquid made from fermented wheat grains and wine; and through the ages, the practice was passed on.

Enzymes are primarily protein molecules that consist of anywhere from a few hundreds to a few thousands of amino acids. They act as biological catalysts responsible for hundreds of thousands of biochemical reactions taking place in our body that control life’s processes.

Each enzyme in our body performs a very specific role – enzymatic action. For example, amylase only breaks down carbohydrate, lipase only breaks down fat. This has come to be known as Enzyme Specificity. The amount of enzymatic activity is the indicator of our condition, namely being “sick” or “healthy’.

Loss of Enzymes
There are more than 3000 enzymes in our body to keep us in good health and our body constantly produces and replenishes enzymes required. Unfortunately, along with the advancement of technology, we are subject to bear the pollution of modernization such as air, water, soil, food and sound pollution. All these are inevitably weakened our body immunity and caused constant loss of enzymes in our body.

Besides of the environmental pollution, the following factors are also some of the main reasons of enzyme depletion in our body:
- The progressive increase of age
- Imbalanced diet and unhealthy living habits
- Excessive intake of processed and over-cooked food
- Prolonged stress
- Long term emotional instability and under pressure
- Influenza and fever
- Addiction to stimulative beverages such as coffee, liquor, etc
- Over-weight, etc.

Due to the above factors, human especially city dwellers, are more prone to sickness.

Signs of Enzyme Deficiency
Our body can produce enzymes; unfortunately, research has shown that as we grow older, the body’s ability to secret internal enzymes decreases. Another way to increase our enzyme level is through raw food intake. But, not all food can be consumed raw. Today, modern food processing techniques and all types of cooking destroy nearly 100% of the enzymes naturally occurring in raw food. Enzymes are completely denatured when the surrounding temperature rises above 50C. In other words, our daily-consumed food is essentially devoid of active enzymes.

Owing to environmental pollution, low-enzyme diet, unhealthy lifestyle and our ever-decreasing internal enzyme secretion, we are depleting of enzymes. The first sign of enzyme deficiency is interrupted digestion. Other symptoms include dizziness, fatigue, lethargy, a loss of appetite, bone & joint aches, weak resistance, bad breathe, anxiety and so on.

Serious enzyme deficiency could lead to organ function disruption, resulting in serious and potentially fatal health complications such as constipation, irritable bowel, insomnia, infertility, gastric ulcers, haemorrhoids, heart disease, liver disease, arthritis and rheumatism, hypertension & hypotension and so forth.

The immediate concern is to preserve enzymes in our body and the main means of obtaining enzymes are through enzyme supplementation. Supplementation of enzymes is important to ensure that you get adequate enzymes needed to keep sickness at bay, delay the ageing and prolong our life span. RIN ENZYME, 100% natural and full of phyto-enzymes, is the best way to replenish and increase your enzyme levels.


RIN ENZYME is a premium phyto-enzyme made up of more than 36 kinds of vegetables, fruits, grains, algae and green grass from the southern Kyushu island2 of Japan. Kyushu is renowned for its fertile soil, fresh air, pure water and ample sunshine.

In RIN ENZYME, only the vegetables and fruits that are in season are used because the enzymes contained are in the most active state. Then, all these raw ingredients will be cleaned using well water pumped from 60 meter below the ground, thus, eliminating the risk of contamination.

In RIN ENZYME, we adopted the extraction method based on the theory of osmotic pressure to preserve all the nutrients in the original fluid and prevent them from being destroyed. Liquid is extracted slowly in an almost natural state. Fermentation takes place in casks made of cedar of more than 50 years old. Containers with chemicals are never used for fear of harmful substances dissolved into the enzymes. During fermentation, the natural microzyme is added to the raw ingredients so that the temperature-resistance is higher than that of ordinary enzyme. For maximum efficacy of the enzyme, fermentation process will be based on the temperature of the four seasons; no artificial fermentation is used to speed up the fermentation.

Finally, after maturation and filtering, RIN ENZYME will go through 2-step sterilization process: sterilization of original fluid and sterilization while bottling before wrapping up.

RIN ENZYME is a 100% natural, pure and mild daily health drink packed with readily-absorbed nutrients needed by the body. It contains 18 types of amino acids, various vitamins and minerals, fructose, glucose and maltose. Apart from the addition of natural yeast and pure plum juice, there are no preservative, artificial additive, colouring and flavour added.

RIN ENZYME Improves Our Health

RIN ENZYME is effective to improve our health through the following enzymatic functions:

- Coordinating body’s internal environment
RIN ENZYME is able to reduce blood acidity and make the blood weakly alkaline, eliminate foreign substances in the body, maintain the balance of intestinal flora, strengthen the cells, enhance digestion, increase body immunity, normalize hormone balance and maintain equilibrium in the body generally.

- Anti-Inflammation
Inflammation is caused by bacteria nesting and growing on wounded cells. Enzymes on their own do not heal inflammation; however, they transport and enhance the function of leucocytes, which provide the power for the wound cells to heal.

- Anti-Bacteria
Apart from assisting leucocytes to eliminate bacteria, RIN ENZYME has its own anti-bacteria property to kill bacteria. It also stimulates the regeneration of new cells to achieve the objective of complete cure.

- Disintegrating Capability
RIN ENZYME helps to disintegrate metabolic waste accumulated at infected body parts or in blood vessels, thus helping the body to regain its usual function.

Besides, it helps to enhance food digestion and absorption of nutrients into our bloodstream to replenish nutrients and alleviate fatigue.

- Blood Cleansing
RIN ENZYME eliminates metabolic waste in blood, disintegrates inflammatory virus and cholesterol in acidic blood and maintains blood in low alkaline level for smoother blood circulation.

- Cell Regeneration
RIN ENZYME stimulates cellular metabolism, increases vitality to get rid of fatigue and sluggishness and promotes the regeneration of new cells replacing the damaged ones.

Consume RIN ENZYME daily also helps to improve skin complexion and texture, promote hair growth alleviate white hair problem, promote weight loss and improve general health.

It is suitable for all people, especially vegans and elderly, of all ages and body constitution, for people who have inadequate intake of vegetables, are fond of meat and sweets, picky in their food, dine out frequently, smoke and drink excessively, suffer from obesity, underweight and skin problem.

Method of Consumption
For general health maintenance, take 20ml of RIN Enzyme mix with 4 to 5 times of water or juice at below the temperature of 40C to avoid destroying the activity of enzyme. Drink it once a day, preferably early in the morning on an empty stomach.

For the ill, weak, or serious health problem individual, 30ml – 40ml twice a day is suggested. Drink it early in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bed. It tastes better when served as cold drink.

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